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memes and pics that prove that in every squad, there is always that one friend...

These Memes Prove That Even In The Animal Kingdom, There's Always That One Friend ...

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I don't mind the snoring

boston terrier bulldog chair cuddling drooling friends sleeping snoring - 2048525056
See all captions Created by AggieAngst

I got

adorbz awww cat friends friendship kitten play playing whatbreed - 5288994304
See all captions Created by Cheeseburgerfan101

I think

friends golden retriever journey lost mixed breed traveling whatbreed - 5156404224
See all captions Created by WilliamKeckler

Meow, My Oh!

Cats fun friends funny - 8025155584
See all captions Created by Suzi_sMom

He Shall be My Cat Chasing Minion

puppy friends mini me pit bull - 8400186624
See all captions Created by Chris10a

15 Years Later

growing up friends parenting - 8801607424
Via zeroXTC

This Boy and His Dog Both Have Dwarfism and Could Not Be Happier to Have Found Each Other

boy and dog both have dwarfism so happy to find eachother
Via Richard Whitfield / Caters News Agency

Friends Furever

friends furever
Via krisnaardy

Do Not Pass Go...

funny animal image of dog playing monopoly
Via theblessedone

A Peace Offering

animals zebra cat have friends now caption - 8583241984
See all captions Created by BestCaptionz

I Guess If You Don't Mind Sharing Food Bowls

animals stay friends dinner caption - 8567325440
See all captions Created by allison.camerondicker

These Cuddles Are Even Warm!

chihuahua cuddle cuddling friends friendship pit bull pitbull plush toy stuffed animal - 5493415936
See all captions Created by DaftPunk654

We Need to Get New Hoomins

cat food fridge friends friendship hungry munchies noms people food whatbreed - 5296317184
See all captions Created by Sissy

Maybe They Lost a Bet

Cats cute friends - 8269516288
Via Dump a Day

Why, yes

adopted adorbz awww cat chickens chicks family friends love pitbull - 5272072192
See all captions Created by trharla
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