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It's a Good Rule of Thumb to Stop at Five Burritos

burritos food full regret - 7951889408
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At Least he Uses a Napkin...Sorta

food dirty carpet manners polite - 7910227712

I Need a Nap Already

nap puppies food mondays - 7829816576
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What a Good Dog

cute good boy food - 7844909824
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It Allows You to Sleep Longer

breakfast puppy cute food - 7778885632
Created by C4rootbeer ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

My Taste Buds Are Already Barking!

pun food noms - 7785126400
food noms Video sausage - 54565377

This is What Hump Day Feels Like

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Because It's DEFINITELY NOT the Dog

food funny guilty - 7756802304

Time to Get Your Eyes Checked

kitten eyes food funny - 7678707712
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excitement spin food funny Video - 53097473

Twisted Sisters, Hope and Rosey, Spin From Excitement

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Evil Husky

hungry husky evil food - 7654881024
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Would YOU Trust This Face?

kitchen food trust funny - 7622346496
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It's Weighing on Me

food funny - 7667776000
clever food funny thief - 52555265

Clever Food Thief

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Found Him

found food hiding funny - 7666875136

Yes Please!

begging food funny - 7662035200