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18 Pictures Of Sleepy Pups Looking Adorably Derpy

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Meth Lab

Labrador dogs of different colors

The cutest derp face ever

Via Reddit
funny dog doing a silly face

18 Derpy Dogs

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My brain is giving me "The Silent Treatment" today.

basset hound silent treatment brain derp - 6808356352
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Every Single Time

focus caption derp shot - 8810682368
Via tayls
doge instagram teeth cage shiba inu funny Video derp - 243975

Much Derp. So Teeth. Wow.

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vine rottweiler funny Video derp - 80761345

Wow, What a Vicious Rottweiler!

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racing adorable Video derp - 79915521

Watch a Bunch of Adorable Dogs Compete in the Kentucky Derpy

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Make America Derpy Again

fancy derpy dog
Via Viseadd

Whoops, A Little Slip Of the Tongue

funny animal gif of dog making a derpy face
Via cat gif central
ball corgi tennis ball Video derp - 71708929

Play With The Ball Alone? Fine, Are You Happy Now?

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My Dog Is About to Explode From the Stress in His Life

tired stress derp - 8460464128
Via BunnyLurksInShadow

They Say it Runs in His Family Tree

shih tzu puns derp - 8458009344
Via mamawalker
vine golden retriever derp - 68965377

More Cowbell, Human

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Don't be Fooled by the Mystique

derp - 8258726400
Via izismile
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