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erm... i was just pre-soakin de stains 4 ya! ...yeah.

accident dachshund excuse mixed breed peeing rationale story - 4345239552
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I no fil gud me thinks i haz kat skratch fever

bed dachshund sick smell - 2776677888
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If ther reely iz a ceeling cat, how cood he let sumfing so terrible happin to teh cheezburger mashine?

betrayed ceiling cat cheezburger dachshund grill long haired machine question ruined Sad - 4386441984
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GPS Goggie Positioning System

cars dachshund dashboard driving gps - 2140963584
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hot dog adorable dachshund hot dogs america - 863237

Celebrate National Hot Dog Day With These Adorable Dachshunds Dressed Like Wieners

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dachshund giant wiener dog photoshop new york - 829189

Vivian the Wiener Dog is Larger Than Life in These Extraordinary Photos

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Proud Mama Dachshund Poses With Her Puppies

proud mama dachshund dog poses with her newborn puppies
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dachshund treadmill Video - 80059905

The Dachshunds Get Their Workout On With a Treadmill

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Dramatic Rescue of a Trapped Weiner Dog

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dachshund kissing Cats Video - 79537153

Dachshund Won't Stop Kissing Cat

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dachshund Video - 79296001

Dog Pretends to Be Asleep so She Can Steal Her Friend's Toy

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dachshund Video tug of war - 79293185

Tiny Dachshund is a Tug of War Champ

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♫ Dachshund through the snow ♫

animals sled snow dachshund caption - 8586865408
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spanish dachshund trick Video - 76010497

Owner Tricks Dog into Taking Medicine by Using the Word "No" to Entice Her

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Sad dachshund ball whine Video - 70471425

Leia the Mini Dachshund Drops Her Ball

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A Severe Case

dachshund hotdogs beach picnic sand - 6556553728
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