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15 Tumblr Posts About Corgis That Are Just Too Cute To Miss

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Cover GIF of Corgi dogs lying down and then making disorder in one second.

16 Adorable GIF's of Corgi's Doing Corgi Things

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california beach corgi Video corgis - 81147137

Tons of Dogs Took Over a California Beach for Corgi Con 2016

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Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto

cute dogs corgis Over 50 Corgis Invaded the Beach in Toronto
Via @kimchithecorgi
Cherry Beach Dog Park in Toronto may never be the same after the mayhem that ensued at this event organized by the Greater Toronto Area corgi owners group. Via @otimus_prime_ Sure things look civilized at first glance but just watch the insanity in action. A video posted by monica (@monicaddomingos) on Aug 9, 2015 at 7:10pm PDT Deplorable. Any attempts to get the situation under control were thwarted by the sheer enormity of the corgi horde's cuteness. Via @browniethecorgis
Video corgis true facts - 71043841

6 Corgi Facts That’ll Make Your Ears Perk Up

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asleep corgi corgis excited food Hall of Fame nap napping noms puppies puppy sleeping Video waking up - 15077889

When Nap Time Becomes Nom Time

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corgi breed is in danger

The Royal Corgi Breed is in Danger of Disappearing

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Don't Work those Wee Legs too Hard, the Weekend is Already Here

corgis treadmill - 8400416000
Via Pleated Jeans

Corgiraptor Lives!

corgis dinosaurs - 8298896896
See all captions Created by Chris10a
cute corgis funny Video twerk - 56450305

Classic: See That Corgi Twerk it!

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angry cabbage food corgis funny Video - 60693505

Never Come Between a Corgi and His Cabbage!

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But He Speaks My Language

parrots cute corgis - 8149272832
Via Tumblr
candy puppies cute Video corgis - 58679809

Corgi Puppy vs. Lemon Warhead

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Up on the Rooftop, Corgis Paws

corgis christmas puns paws - 7965809920

What Exactly Are Planning, You Sneaky Human?

corgis human puppies park vet - 7919371008
box cute corgis puppies - 56283137

A Box of Corgis

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