I Has A Hotdog


Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

Pay No Attention to That Dog Behind my Paw

cookies greedy treats - 7913512192
By Unknown

Different Kind of Cookies...

computers cute cookies - 7879041280
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Cut it Out or You'll be my Next Cookie

kitten annoying dangerous cookies - 7866915072
By Unknown

I Want Some of YOUR Cookies

Oreos cute good boy cookies - 7858334720
By Unknown

An Dat Iz Y teh Cookee Crumblz

cake calories funny cookies - 7616697600
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Make That 'Happier Than a Clam'

cute cookies happy - 7500529664
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The Rare Cookie Dog Breeds

Oreos cookies dalmatians chocolate lab - 6965617152
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labrador treats trash bad dog cookies - 6808233984
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Yes, you ARE way cuter than my Rumpah!

jack russel terrier roomba tail cookies - 6591099648
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Let the Bidding Begin

boston terrier cookies dark side - 6488137984
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Cómo se dice "share"?

chihuahua cookies i dont understand no sharing spanish - 6423823104
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Dog Heaven

boston terrier cookies heaven treats - 6435084288
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It's MINE!

bite cookies face throat whippet - 6420541184
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The cookies ARE NOT a lie

best of the week captions cat Cats chihuahua cookies dark side Hall of Fame - 6418903808
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Dun't dewete ur cookiez!

boxer cat computer cookies - 6414006528
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Blanket ob cookiez

blanket boston terrier captions cookies dogs allowed dream - 6389694464
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