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Man's Best Friend Doesn't Need Instructions

instructions confused funny - 8005957888
See all captions Created by chianty

Maybe He Knows Something We Don't Know...Nah!

cute confused funny - 7990860800
Created by Unknown

What? It's More Comfortable This Way...

beds confused men - 7979339264
Created by Unknown

I Only Drool When I...Always

compare confused drool puppies sleep - 7905768704
Created by Unknown

Utterly Blew My Mind

confused funny cows - 7863738368
Created by Unknown
cute confused laptop Video - 55309057

Dog Watches Himself on Laptop

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So is Your Bed Furniture?

rules furniture confused - 7829780224
Created by Unknown

A Little Help?

job monorail cat confused - 7773678848
See all captions Created by feline-ethnobiologist

Is There Something Under Me?

lazy Fluffy cute confused - 7786724096
Created by Craig Ruff

Confused Puppy

teddy bear puppy confused - 7346576384
Created by Rachel Barkman

Are You Sure Those Are Your Puppies?

Funny dog meme of a golden retriever nursing a small group of black and white tiger cubs.
See all captions Created by pollyme2

This is Why Dogs Shouldn't Order Delivery

pizzas confused what breed money - 7007397120
See all captions Created by DJAussie

Now Try Again, But Smarter

what did you say pugs confused stupid - 6986940160
See all captions Created by catanddog725

WHO IS a good boy? I don't even know anymore...

pug good boy confused - 6958743552
See all captions Created by vawid1

Horse? Never heard of that breed...

confused what breed horse - 6609110272
See all captions Created by ghosttaker

Oh THAT kind of "grill"...

pug grill teeth confused gangsta gold - 6580773888
See all captions Created by SMLKArden