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close up


hungry close up food what breed - 6878031104
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Quite literally...

watching you close up puggle - 6650767616
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You can try to hide the treats, but...

close up nose pun treats what breed - 6502757376
See all captions Created by Debbie

I iz a model?

close up model what breed - 3551834112
See all captions Created by Iseldolle

Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Redy 4 mai kloseup

close up cyoot puppy ob teh day golden retriever puppy - 6261077760
Via Kramazubg

I'm ready

adorable close up famous mastiff model puppy star - 5671922176
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gotz de camera

camera close up how in your face record whatbreed - 4252915456
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Sticking nose

Black Lab close up in your face labrador retriever nose nosey - 5276967680
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Goggie ob teh Week: Such a Sweet Face!

adorbz awww close up face pit bull pitbull sweet - 5270827776
Via F*** Yeah, Pitbull Terriers!

all ur

close up face in your face mine nose personal space whatbreed - 5031601152
See all captions Created by foxfire5

Lemme save you

burger close up closeup corgi in your face puppy - 4944593408
See all captions Created by JAGFan


boop booping close up labrador nose puppy - 4576765184
See all captions Created by Sensate


close up french bulldogs Hall of Fame hello home peeking question zoom - 4412951552
See all captions Created by 123bay123


asking begging close up complaining labrador paranoid question sick treat whining - 4388695552
See all captions Created by Sylviag


accident close up human ignorant injury labrador look out puppy snow told you so tree - 4394129920
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boop close up cyoot puppeh ob teh day hello labrador nose ohai puppy snow - 4389140736
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