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but don i looks pretty?

christmas sweater - 1448710400
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christmas guess kids - 77111041

Mom Said We Got A Dinosaur For Christmas

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christmas Video - 76967937

Hattie The Reindog!

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What A Cute Helper

photo of dog helping hang ornaments on christmas tree
Via tittled
christmas pug Party Video - 76994561

Pug Christmas Party!

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I Saw You From Across The Park

gif of two dogs in christmas outfits
Via asada becauseitschristmas
christmas chihuahua Video - 76994305

Chihuahua Christmas Party!

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christmas pug Video - 76934913

What A Handsome Yule Log

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It's Not Exactly A Photobomb If You're Holding the Creature Up But...

Funny photo of girl holding up dog for christmas photo
Via dangiee

Getting Into The Spirit

photo of goofy dog next to christmas lights
Via leave my love for bruce banner alone

That's Ingenious!

tumblr post of people who put vacuum cleaners around tree to keep dogs from eating ornaments
Via memeW
costume christmas Cats Video - 76863489

Festive Pets All Dressed Up For Santa Claws

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Just Shaking It Out Before Pulling This Sleigh

gif of pug shaking with christmas sweater on
Via dogsbecausedogs
christmas christmas tree beagle playing Video - 76794113

I Thought My Dog Just Waited By The Door While I Was Gone

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costume christmas present - 76721921

The Gift that Keeps on Giving...Side Eye

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christmas christmas tree cute boston terrier - 76664833

One Pup's Holiday Adventure

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