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This Lady Created the Perfect Tiny Bedroom for Her Little Doggo

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20 Chihuahua Memes That Are Too Funny Not To Laugh At

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Funny Dog Meme of a chihuahua eating a huge bone with BBQ sauce all over it.
Created by narykids

Big wishes I haz dem

big bone chihuahua dreaming dreams excited giant Hall of Fame i has miniature Staring wishes wishing - 4363540736
See all captions Created by LOLCATLOLSCreator

Fabulous Fashion

best of the week captions chihuahua fabulous Hall of Fame hat hats sombrero - 6333818880
See all captions Created by xARISUxKUMAz


chihuahua laying down rest resting sweet sweet face - 5173664768
See all captions Created by GlitterStilla

Snail and Dog - Funny Pictures

Dog asks the snail what are you.
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chihuahua clothes clothing gift grandma knit present sweater - 5189987584
See all captions Created by Humbugzter2

I gibs it a 6.

chihuahua riding vacuum - 2409945344
See all captions Created by kimple

dont start nuffin

chihuahua fight glare - 5499404800
See all captions Created by tankdawg32

Honey, I shrunk the dog!

chihuahua exclamation puppy surprise sweater tiny - 3391899392
See all captions Created by Lori_S

Finally Ready for the Cat Next Door!

Via www.reddit.com
barking instagram walk chihuahua funny Video - 80868353

Chihuahua Has the Best Reaction to "Do You Want To Go for a Walk?"

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I'm Not Katchin Dat Ting!

animals scary red chihuahua caption snake - 8805106688
See all captions Created by MirageBD

Gypsy Rose Lee's Chihuahua Lived in Constant Terror

animals help chihuahua caption - 8804328960
See all captions Created by echeg5

Life Can Be a Real Bitch Sometimes

life can be a real bitch sometimes
Via edmeisterr
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