I Has A Hotdog


Good Luck Tricking Me Again...D'oh!

fetch ball trick - 8294016512
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The Eternal Question

fetch ball cute confused - 8215073280
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fetch ball Video - 61032705

Just a Cute Pup Playing Fetch

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Go Fetch Yourself!

gifs ball - 8193040896
Created by anselmbe

They Say Patience is a Virtue...

ball confused funny - 8130182144
Via Pepe V.

Bit Off a Little More Than He Can Chew...

puppies ball cute playing - 8127815936
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Better Try the Trampoline to Make Sure...

fence ball teamwork trampoline back yard funny - 8004534528
Created by Unknown

He's Still Learning 'Around'

learn fence ball funny - 7997854976
Created by Unknown

Should Have Worn My Goggie Goggles...

cute ball goggles pool - 7976159744
Created by sarah12456789

A Dog's Sunken Treasure

ball dive swim tennis ball pool treasure toy water - 7913344000
Created by Unknown

Catch Me if You Can!

cute beach ball - 7899522048
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They Both Saw You Throw it...They Just Can't See Where it Went...

ball cute trick throw - 7887674368
Created by Unknown

The Better to Chase You With

dentist teeth ball play - 7881414400
Created by Unknown

Well, I'm Not Falling for it Again...Dangit!

fetch ball throw - 7829705472
Created by Unknown

It's Not Just a Game to Some

teeth ball play - 7775798528
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Never Forget

floating ball tennis ball - 7777892864
See all captions Created by Citylights1939