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Cool infographics of dogs around the world by Lili Chen.

Travel The World Of Doggos With These Adorably Illustrated Infographics

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pug art draw instagram pugs silly - 830981

What Do You Get When You Take Cute Pictures of a Pug and Add Silly Doodles? Mr. Georges!

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dog photoshop battle

Zelda the Photoshop Doge Is a True Internet Artist

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The Daubs of Spicy Mustard Perfectly Convey a Sense of Angst Against a Background of Enticing Charbroiledness

art captions funny - 8565857024
Created by jennybookseller

It's a Gift and a Curse

art gift whoops - 8458045440
See all captions Created by Sissy

The Final Product and The Ruff Draft

art chihuahua - 8339906816
Via Andrew Ring

Let's See Some More Fang

art fox photography - 8338070784
See all captions Created by kittahmonster

It's All in Good Taste

art donuts life - 8331851008
See all captions Created by MSchreff

A Caninical Work Of Art

art - 8322336256
See all captions Created by jennybookseller

Paws for a Moment to Appreciate This Art

art parody - 8249036544
Via laughingstation

It's Just a Sidewalk, Human

art optical illusion - 8205985792
Via keptelenseg.hu

Two Dogs and a Story of Love

art cake love weddings - 8159875072
Via izismile

Someone Seems Skeptical...

art painting skeptical - 8158644992
Via metalbreeze

Dog Imitates Art Imitates Dog

art funny - 8094339584
See all captions Created by JimPrice

So Caffeine, Much Foam!

art coffee chocolate delicious funny foam doge - 7958603776
Created by Unknown

If Frosty had a Pet Dog...

art bulldogs - 7899798016
Created by Unknown
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