Doggos N' Puppers

omg omg omg DADDYS HOME !!!

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cute samoyed dogs

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dog dressed in hat and scarf going out in the cold to bark

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*Nugget* & *Lacey*

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Pup is not very sure about this

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Look at those eyes!

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We didn't chew anything. Promise.

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The Wife's Not Gonna Be Happy About This

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I found this on Postsecret

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Tip pretends she doesn't care that Mr. Pants is getting all the attention

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We're Gonna Go Broke

were gonna go broke
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a funny photo of a dog sitting in a tin bin and having the a hose rinse him down like a shower head - cover for a list of funny dog shower thoughts

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Miss Silly pulling string

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She could do that for hours if it was up to her ^.^

Dogs happy to see their humans

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Priorities have to be set

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