Animal Comedy


Eat Dad!

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New Scales Can Get Itchy

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Use Your Imagination

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When They Say Water Hazard, They Really Mean It!

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Startled Raccoon Rides an Alligator to Safety

funny alligator raccoons Startled Raccoon Rides an Alligator to Safety

But, She Smells Like She Just Left the Swamp!

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Super Dirty Dancing

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Also Got a Shiny New Hook Hand

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The Game Breaker

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Anyone Want To Tee Off Against This Giant Golfin' Gator?

viral animal photo giant gator on golf course in florida
Via Myakka Pines Golf Club

There is That Saying About Nature Being Cruel

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Get to the Chopper!

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You Get Six Feet of Snow, We Get Six Feet of Alligator!

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By Unknown

Nope. Never. No Thank You.

alligator water - 7778594048
By Unknown

Step Aside Puny Humans! Mister Cuddles Coming Through

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How Sweet

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