Animal Comedy


I Love This Tree

crying dont-want Forest leave Sad tiger tree - 6272953088
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After That, He Starts Charging

cute Hall of Fame hold mine mouse possessive rats rodents Sad stuffed animals teddy bear - 5783820800
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Body Type Prejudice can be Severely Limiting.

beach cow crashing Dorothy dreams model Sad waves - 6252907264
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Can I at Least Get a Reward?

disappointment raccoon Sad - 6253545728
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I Can't Even Enjoy Breakfast Now

breakfast called frosted flakes great Sad tiger - 6196786688
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They Never Seem to Stop For Me

car hailing lion Sad scary taxi - 6167816448
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He Was Just Mean

comfort gone kitteh kitty Sad scared there there wolves - 5790093568
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First They Came For the Lolrus Bukkits

bukkit lolrus noooooooo raccoon Sad stealing tragedy - 6157126400
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And Now the Song's Stuck in Your Head

alone best of the week Hall of Fame Owl puns Sad song - 6203241728
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Tragedy at the North Pole

coca cola coke crying mommy out polar bear polar bears Sad snow sorry tragedy - 6126961408
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Forbidden Love

crying forbidden love hug love Sad tiger tree - 5963632896
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We Won't Get Into Your Garbage. Much.

best of the week Hall of Fame please raccoons raining Sad wet - 5938747136
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Try to Find a Solution on the Inter... Oh

bored internet not working Sad squirrel squirrels table - 6115111936
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Never Let Go

hugging never let go Sad swimming tigers titanic water - 6100353024
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I'll Be Right Here

crack joke Okay owls punished Sad trees wife - 6046447360
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Should Have Gone into the Family Business of Nut Collecting

depression hate right Sad squirrel table - 6074851840
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