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Holiday Reader Squee: Trooper's Xmas tree

christmas reader squee pets christmas tree Cats squee holidays - 6812097792
Created by paulagrabow

Reader Squee: Santa's Little Helpers

Bunday christmas reader squee pets bunny squee holidays - 6917571840
Created by Jade

Holiday Reader Squee: Oliver the One-Eyed Hedgehog Investigates

presents reader squee pets hedgehog squee holidays - 6905972992
Created by Katie Raney

Holiday Reader Squee: Under the Tree

presents reader squee pets christmas tree Cats squee holidays - 6912545280
Created by cassandraprl

Holiday Reader Squee: Blue Light Enquirer

christmas lights reader squee pets squee holidays - 6791691776
Created by RaverBob

Holiday Reader Squee: It's a Piggy Christmas!

christmas reader squee guinea pigs squee holidays - 6869819392
Created by nursedenak

Holiday Reader Squee: Golden Tamarin Christmas

christmas reader squee christmas tree squee holidays - 4297160448
Created by Ellen

Holiday Reader Squee: Holiday Spirit

christmas reader squee pets Cats squee santa hat holidays - 6870791680
Created by TallGeekyGirl

Holiday Reader Squee: Santa Bunny

Bunday christmas reader squee rabbit squee santa hat holidays - 4279564032
Created by Karen Stuthers

Reindeer Games

reindeer snow squee little girl holidays - 6901332480
Via Per Breiehagen

Holiday Reader Squee: Best Present

gifts presents reader squee pets christmas tree Cats squee holidays - 6918718720
Created by jenncdavis

Happy International Polar Bear Day!

holiday holidays link polar bear polar bears squee - 5902246912
Via llbwwb.tumblr.com

Holiday Reader Squee: Merry Christmas!

christmas reader squee pets squee santa hat holidays - 4294714112
Created by Unknown

Holiday Reader Squee: Visiting Santa

Bunday christmas reader squee pets rabbit santa claus bunny squee holidays - 6896914432
Created by Aphidoidea

Stocking Stuffer

christmas squee holidays - 6901223168
Via Bunny Food

Holiday Reader Squee: Piggies Found Their Presents!

presents reader squee guinea pigs christmas tree squee holidays - 6891706880
Created by Hartley
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