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baby calf cow cows cuddling family Father ferocious horns love nuzzling - 4636231424
Created by Unknown

Highland Cow

long hair horns squee cows - 4196327424
Created by itsjillybean

Somebody Needs a Haircut

long hair squee cows - 6699241984
Via Mtb1975 ( Chesterfield)

Cow and Cat Friendship

Cats cute cows kisses friendship - 7891200768
Created by sixonefive72
baby elephant Video cows - 80582145

Adorable Baby Elephant Tries to Impress an Unmooving Herd of Cows

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cute Video cows - 74157825

Watch These Happy Cows Celebrate Getting to Go Outside After a Cold Winter Spent in the Barn

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Cutest Unibrow

calfs floofy squee cows - 6578337024
Via Hopkinz
Fluffy horses squee Video cows - 48120321

Hettie Moo, the Cow Who Thinks She's a Pony

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A large cow sitting on the hood of a car saying if he fits i sits - cover for a list of cow memes

20 Fantastically Funny Cow Memes To Put You In A Happy Moo-d

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Reader Squee: Cows Are Cute!

cows farm animals pet reader squee - 6470920704
Created by ThatOneChickO.o

I'm a Cow...Just Kidding!

costume cute cows kids goats squee - 7919350016
Created by Unknown

Moooove a Little to the Left

cute brush cows scratch - 7913341184
Created by Unknown

One of Those Fluffy Clouds is on the Ground!

cute cows Fluffy puppies - 8229464576
Via taken_token

The Source of All Cowlicks

baby bad hair day calf cow cowlick cows hair parent pun - 5779941888
Via All Creatures

Making Friends With the Source

Cats cows milk - 8211123200

Cute Cows

Funny picture of cute cows standing in their field and one of them is wearing an old lady hat.
Via All Creatures
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