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Holiday Reader Squee: Tillie Claws is Not Amused

christmas reader squee santa claus Cats squee holidays - 6771979008
By salatzke
christmas christmas tree kitten Video - 76935937

Just Adding A Little Mischief To Christmas

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Trust Me, Santa Said I Could Have One

christmas cute food cookies mouse - 8406142720
Via Nehama Verter

Tis the Season, Holiday Sweater Season!

christmas cute sweater corgis - 8393355264
Via Corgnelius and Stumphrey


acting like animals christmas hat merry christmas santa santa hat - 4285803776
By Unknown

Oh, It's a Pin Cushion...Very Funny...

christmas presents cute hedgehogs squee - 7964069632
By Unknown


christmas hedgehog - 4188105216
By den474


adorable christmas costume dressed up gifs reindeer santa story - 5602372864
By Unknown


christmas costume dressed up hat santa santa hat - 5601921792
By Unknown

Bunday: Holiday Spirit

Bunday christmas bunny santa hat holidays - 6878289152
Via Bunny Food


acting like animals christmas cookies excited gift present - 4273666304
By Unknown

Reader Squees: Mary Had a Little Goat

baby christmas hat kid reader squees - 5625758976
By Shelby_Shinanigans

Submit Your Holiday Squees!

christmas hanukkah holidays - 6866449920
Via YURIKO NAKAO /Landov / Reuters

Santa Bun is Coming to Town

bunny christmas costume dressed up hat rabbit santa - 5601713408
By Unknown

Holiday Reader Squee: Xmas Photoshoot

christmas reader squee pets costume santa squee holidays - 6884844800
By marilynn.hanson

Reader Squees: Totoro's Lovely Christmas Hat

bow christmas hat reader squees - 5766084608
By cortie
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