Animal Gifs


Chick Magnet

gifs kids hugs chickens - 8151370752
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Rainbow Lorikeets on a Ferris Wheel

birds gifs kids critters - 8530793728
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Priceless Reaction From a Baby That Learned to Hug a Dog

Babies gifs kids cute - 8371230208
Via dainadolson

Hop Along There, Cow Poke!

Cute GIF of a girl playing with a pony that uses his head to lift her up onto him.
Via Theme a Picture

Running Circles Round Mom

arctic cold kids mom play polar bear run winter - 6260371712
Created by Unknown


chase child friends gifs kids otter otters play run running toddler zoo - 6129926912
Created by Unknown

Hugging My Big Buddy

Babies gifs kids - 8383834624
Created by anselmbe

Wake Up And Finish Your Homework!

computers gifs kids sleep - 8443923456
Created by beernbiccies

This Looks Like a Good Place to Sit

gifs kids - 8346347776
Via Senor Gif

This Cat Really Likes Knocking This Kid Over

gifs kids Cats fall - 8147505152
Created by Unknown

Halp, Mom!

arctic fall gifs help kids mom ocean polar bear water winter - 6472298752
Created by Unknown

Little Billy is Still Learning to Play Nice With Others

cute gifs kids play puppies goats - 7985094912
Created by Unknown


attack bat cat Cats child claws couch defend gifs hit kids paw scary - 6240299008
Created by Unknown

You People are Animals!

gifs kids zoo gorilla - 8185277184
Via AndySipherBull

Itty Bitty Bonk

bonk headbutt kids wild - 6275985408
Created by Unknown

Dragracing Dogs

gifs kids - 8139755008
Created by ToolBee
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