I Has A Hotdog


Just walking along, nothing to see here. Just strolling about enjoying a breath of fresh air. Keep a leisurely gait with these silly and punny walking jokes.

iz gud pupy, i walkie my elders

german shepherd good obedient puppy respect sheepdog walk walking - 4178029312
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It's Ok, We Can't Deal With the Feels Either

friends walking Cats - 8436504064
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Will Evolve Locking Knees for Bacon

evolution gifs walking trick - 8427854080
By Unknown

Don't Text and Walk Your Pup

labrador texting walking - 8338949632
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So You Like Big Dogs, Ey?

FAIL walking - 8312060416
By anselmbe

You Know That's What I Prefer

poop walking funny - 8292028416
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Just Strap Me in and I'll Show You How it's Done!

cute puppies walking - 8266486016
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funny Video walking - 62020097

I Walk How I Wanna

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One Step at a Time

cute learning puppies walking - 8182364416
By AngelAndz

He Only Answers to Man

walking funny - 8147762944
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What's Taking Your Tiny Human So Long?

Babies walking - 8119683328
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You Know I Always Pee on the Right!

FAIL pee walking - 8072154112
By Unknown

Heal, Boy! No, You Heal!

win walking - 7901936128
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Dog Gone Liar

sneaky walking funny - 7589608704
By Unknown

The Truth

the internets truth walking Cats - 7541425920
By Unknown

Nobuddy duz, but it keepz da nayberhood cleen!

leash sad dog walking what breed - 6566306304
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