I Has A Hotdog


The Truth

the internets truth walking Cats - 7541425920
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Ai swarez

golden retriever i swear truth - 5529445120
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i like big mutts

big butts cannot great dane lie like lyric rhyme song truth - 4700848128
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happy hug hugging hugs love pugs rhyme smiling truth - 4625216768
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accusation blame border collie boston terrier cowering do not want gross Hall of Fame labrador mixed breed nose protecting protection punishment question rubbing true truth wondering - 4364096000
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chihuahua court howl pun raise swear tell testimony truth - 4088864768
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Don't worry! She's not dead. I just told her that Beggin strips aren't really Bacon.

bacon beggin strips cat dead dont worry fainted great dane lies not reassuring truth - 4447650048
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