I Has A Hotdog


Oh Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. Golden sun, please don't give me a massive sunburn and make it impossible to sit. That funky ball of gas and fire that keeps us from becoming human popsicles is a hilarious source of entertainment. So sit back, and watch your tan (or sunburn) spread with the Sun's scintillating jokes and puns.

4 Hot Dogs, Please

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'Twas a Good Day!

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Sun Bathing With Frank Is Always An Easy joke

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Careful About Leaving It In The Sun

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This Greyhound Is Ready For Summer's Sunshine

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I'm Wun Hot Doggie

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I Forgot You Even Existed!

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Obviously Don't Need Much Chargin'

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Beelezapug Has A Sunbeam Set Aside For Me

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Dogs are a Real Blessing

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I'll Take it When I Can Get it!

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Just Gettin' my tan on...

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What are You Smiling at? Stupid Sun...

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your blocking

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Mystic Sky Dog!

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Ai Can Tayst teh Sunshyne!

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