I Has A Hotdog


erm... i was just pre-soakin de stains 4 ya! ...yeah.

accident dachshund excuse mixed breed peeing rationale story - 4345239552
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Kan yu reed

another basset hound bed bedtime please question read story tucked in - 4836034304
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gotz ma peejays... getz bedtiem storee?

bedtime Hall of Fame pajamas story whatbreed - 3623660544
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Teh storee of teh grate punkin

awesome cute eaten gross halloween howloween love noms not ready pumpkins puppy story whatbreed - 4042825984
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It's Squirrel...But Don't Tell the Cat

cat caption make story sausage - 8806658560
Created by beckysdad
run away news story golden retriever Video - 80131073

Riley the Retriever Ran Away From Home to Hang Out With His Friends at Doggy Day Care

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A Strong Pizza Strategy

boring caption listening story work keep - 8750130432
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I Don't Think My Dog Cares How My Day Went

story bored - 8436173312
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A Dog Owner Receives a Summons Requesting His Pet Report to Jury Duty

mix up court story funny - 8151996928
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Wisdom Has No Age

heart warming wisdom story children - 8002636544
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bedtime cute pajamas story - 7536578304
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A likely story...

Aliens remote pug tongue story remote control - 6952985088
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Bedtime Story

dachshund bedtime blanket story - 6629495808
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Huge Rat

best of the week cat dalmatian Hall of Fame rat story - 5843542016
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Tell dat storee

best of the week Hall of Fame mixed breed story - 5716099328
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Of course that character

computer glasses important laptop rat terrier story technology terrier writing - 5392834816
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