I Has A Hotdog


dogs looking surprised

15 All New Dogs Looking Shocked Will Have You Laughing All Day

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Some of us Just Aren't Huggers

shocked hug - 8210284032
Via sinceraminto

Am I Cute or What?!

cute puppies shocked - 8163563776
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Shock and Awwwww

fainted shocked what breed bacon - 6987328768
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If I Ain't Broke, Why Fix Me?

neutered shocked broken what breed - 6990377216
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Paranoid Pug

fetch pug porch paranoid shocked tennis ball - 6302304768
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This was a bad idea...

bad idea Movie shocked golden lab - 6821426944
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Preddy funneh tew see, akshully!

kitten shocked santa claus what breed Cats - 6835955968
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How do you live???

balls best of the week boxer Hall of Fame shocked - 6154776320
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And I'm not easily shocked...

Black Lab labrador retriever shocked swim swimming - 5827834368
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Teh spandex an sequins are coming to eat meh

clothes clothing ew husky puppy shocked - 5713905920
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I Would Like It

gross husky pants puppy shocked what has been seen cannot be unseen - 5713178624
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Bleach! I need it for my eyes!

bad no shocked terrier whatbreed - 5672967424
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excited pit bull pitbull shocked special - 5654168832
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What is it? DRAGONS?

boxer oh no scared shocked uh oh what worried - 5549763072
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internet oh no pit bull pitbull shocked tongue tongue out - 5595993344
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