I Has A Hotdog


All Three Were in the Dog House

cute punishment - 7934898944
By Unknown

Tasting the Rainbow Never Goes Unpunished

crayons punishment rainbow - 7778707456
By Unknown

Cold Shoulders

dachshund vacation cold shoulder punishment - 6594229504
See all captions By NawtyKitty

Alleged Potato Thief

captions dog shaming potato punishment thief time out what breed - 6478656768
See all captions By CapMan007

Jus Sayin

cat couch couches fat punishment stuck what breed - 6253059584
See all captions By horshooer

Your kisses

best of the week cat french bulldogs friends go away Hall of Fame KISS kisses kissing kitteh love punishment - 5850131968
See all captions By wayne61

But Dad..

children huskies husky in trouble parent punished punishment puppy steak - 5021551872
See all captions By Kurrar

Well, that's ONE puppy

german shepherd positive punished punishment puppy - 4799535104
See all captions By beernbiccies

Hoomins Are SO Touchy!

anatolian shepherd blame cat fighting mixed breed punishment question timeout wondering - 4725000192
See all captions By coast2coast

I'z not habin a good day!

advice bad dachshund day not punishment warning - 4722550528
See all captions By JessiG

Bad book!

bad book labrador labradors mess punishment scolding shredded - 4718710016
See all captions By DocJ

I berry disappoynted hoomin

best of the week bulldog clean Command disappointed Hall of Fame i has a hotdog mess order permission punishment scolding think very - 4630780928
See all captions By Rand_alThor79


accusation blame border collie boston terrier cowering do not want gross Hall of Fame labrador mixed breed nose protecting protection punishment question rubbing true truth wondering - 4364096000
See all captions By lummox


angry jail lesson prison punishment scared Staring teaching training trouble whatbreed - 4363575552
See all captions By wiseassman


cookies german shepherd Hall of Fame hearing punishment reward - 4145723904
See all captions By Hansss


bad news golden retriever punishment - 4016770816
See all captions By MallardVHS
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