I Has A Hotdog


That's Quite a Skill!

construction pun rhodesian ridgeback shirt - 4896382464
By Unknown


again best of the week corgi curses double meaning foil Hall of Fame pun - 4850792960
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best of the week boxer dramatic Hall of Fame paws pun puppy - 4849490688
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Need A Tune Up

borked broken go gotta lab labrador left pun see stuck tongue turn wont - 4840721408
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Command double meaning literalism pun puppy shoe whatbreed - 4828347648
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best of the week corgi double meaning Hall of Fame heart love pun puppy shape - 4823896832
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Dey call meh Otto...

best of the week car go away Hall of Fame labrador name pun stealing - 4821298176
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Just Like A Bridge

best of the week bridge Hall of Fame literalism over parody pun puppy rottweiler song title water - 4808883712
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Itz a solo!

corgi flat Music pun puppy sleep sleeping - 4804434432
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double meaning labrador language mouth pun - 4802521856
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Yeah I King Mutt

king mixed breed mutt pun schnauzer similar sounding - 4763142144
By kittymac

Now That Was

hair maltese pun - 4764346624
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nosey puppy

business closeup curious nosey nosy pun puppy whatbreed - 4774434304
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Always First!

boxer motto pun puppy running slogan - 4757852672
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barack obama obama Office president pun running - 4729734144
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Groucho Barx

eyebrows glasses nose poodle pun similar sounding - 4704694272
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