I Has A Hotdog


Step 1.)

Funny meme of a dog giving advice how to get away with making trouble and it is not bad advice overall.
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Timmy? Nope, Haven't Seen Him

bit border collie bury glove left one piece puppy realization snow talking thinking - 4375303424
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Just One?

best of the week bones chihuahua food Hall of Fame one small tiny treat treats - 6224108288
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it's mine

choice choices dachshund fighting one poodle same single time toy toys - 4891588864
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POV catapult

camera catapult countdown demonstration one puppy strap three two whatbreed - 4825766144
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One more step

boston terrier mine more noms one protecting step take threat warning - 4819982336
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~ I'M GOOD! ~

alcohol already drunk no one pass puppy sweater too many whatbreed - 4766339328
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Terminator Goggie!

eye labrador missing mixed breed one terminator - 4754793728
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golden retriever golden retrievers mistake one problem puppies puppy shots too many - 4609197568
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giant lol one puppy quote shoe small step stuck yorkshire terrier - 4564326400
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fan fashion number one schnauzer shirt wearing - 4561624832
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fabulous hand lei one other pay revenge suffering sunglasses upset whatbreed - 4553940224
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chihuahua costume do not want dress eye one open sleep threat upset warning - 4542652928
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about cat joke mastiff mixed breed neighbor neighbors one question - 4446708992
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cone cone of shame improvement one shame step up whatbreed - 4440702720
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annoyed bite dalmatian human more one one more promise question threat - 4328271616
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