I Has A Hotdog


Polish those glasses and take a close look. These four-eyed memes and puns are loaded with laughs and and groans just waiting to be had. It will be quite the spectacle so make sure you don't blink, you'll miss it.

I iz upside-downz

bulldog captions car glasses mistake upside down dog - 6416079616
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Sherbark Holmes

bulldog glasses mustache quotes sherlock holmes - 6156344832
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Have you heard?

chihuahua glasses nerd - 6147639296
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Love Yourself

approval Be Yourself best of the week glasses Hall of Fame me self what breed - 6125610752
By IludiumPhosdex
glasses Video - 36206849

Glasses for Goggies?

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No Yippin in da Lolbrary!

funny glasses what breed - 6015600896
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dog food food glasses noms organic weimaraner - 5907228160
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bull terrier caption glasses hello Memes phone this is dog yes this is dog - 5910125312
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Tax tyme.

glasses mastiff taxes tired - 5867919872
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Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Ai Habs da Bad Eyesight

adorable bulldog cute puppy cyoot puppeh eyes glasses puppy - 5818129408
By Unknown

SDM seeking SDF

best of the week date dating glasses Hall of Fame mixed breed online dating whatbreed - 5842553344
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Husband out on business...

glasses golden retriever pipe tie - 5813140480
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You forgot

book glasses oops taxes whatbreed - 5742297600
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Goggie Gif: Click, Type, Click, Type

business dog computer gifs glasses labrador retriever laptop official typing - 5658097920
Via Pleated Jeans

They use

book cat glasses mixed breed reading schrodingers-cat smart - 5624384256
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I studying...

food glasses mixed breed noms reading studying whatbreed - 5622322432
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