I Has A Hotdog


Don't do drugs. Just laugh at all the crazy things that can happen and the punny and trippy jokes they lead to. From a distance is best.

Can I haz more of dem brownyz?

brownies drugs Hall of Fame stoned - 3585412096
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Why Do You Smell Like a Skunk?

why do you smell like a skunk
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I Got Nip and Bacon

animals drugs stuck couch hide - 8440589056
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You Better Whip Yourself Into Shape

animals whippet crazy drugs puns - 8418502400
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I Think My Puppy Has a Drug Problem

drugs puppy golden retriever - 8422712576
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I Think the Acid Just Kicked In

chihuahua drugs - 8356923392
By anselmbe

It Takes a High Amount of Talent to Talk to Talks

drugs funny police - 8182680832
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They Put the WOW in "Bow Wow"

life drugs cute pugs - 8115215360
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Stick To Kibbles & Bits Please

drugs - 7780786944
By Unknown

Until Then....Wheeeeee!

drugs vet funny - 7424826624
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Yup, preddy shur!

drugs puppies high what breed - 6873173504
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I Like Sausage...

best of the week drugs Hall of Fame high holidays meme Memes sausage - 6137093376
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caption clothes clothing drugs goggies hoodie pug pugs - 5748308224
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best of the week brownies dachshund drugs Hall of Fame high stoned - 5868784384
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What did you

drugs food high noms snacks treat trippin - 5623440384
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i ate some

best of the week drugs Hall of Fame happy dog high poodle smiling stoned - 5556953344
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