I Has A Hotdog


Subtlety is not my way...

hungry teeth corgi in your face food feeding - 6602924288
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Dedicated Fan

costume cosplay corgi - 6640393216
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go away couch corgi sleeping monday - 6651356416
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And maybe their taillights, but who wants to check?

corgi laser eyes - 6630456064
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I've made a huge mistake...

doggie door stuck corgi - 6627775744
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Goggie Gif: Corgi Loop

circle corgi gifs run - 6554474752
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halloween trick or treat corgi happy jumping - 6684915456
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Goggie Gif: Expressive Eyes

gifs eyes corgi - 6717945344
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Both Sides of Cyootness

butt puppy corgi sleeping cyoot puppy ob teh day - 6708635136
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Is is eatable or rollable?

corgi eat noms rollin skeptical dog - 6598242304
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Goggie Gif: Snow Shovel Flip

gifs corgi snow flip - 6681023232
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Balloon-Chasing Corgi

corgi - 6678050560
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Goggie Gif: I iz a snowy surprise!

corgi gifs snow surprise o hai - 6643723264
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Food Coma

corgi cyoot puppy ob teh day food coma puppy sleeping - 6622028800
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Hunting Nessy

captions corgi hunting lake scotland - 6529456640
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Star Trek Has a Hot Dog

captions corgi doctor outer space space Star Trek - 6525115136
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