I Has A Hotdog


What would we do?

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you're gonna put that thermometer where?

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Definition of marriage

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The Five Stages Of Waking Up

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Humans Are Smarter Than You Think!

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Maybe a K9 Bomb Squad Isn't Such a Great Idea...

maybe a k9 bomb squad isnt such a great idea
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This pun is nuts

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Adding Insult To Injury

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Science Lab

i can has science
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Happy Labor Day!

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My Cable Remote Control Broke And Left Me Stuck On Fox News!

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He Followed Me Home!

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Let's Play A Game Of Search And Find!

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I Don't Get Paid Enough for This

i dont get paid enough for this
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Shhhh … We can't be seen together. It would ruin my badass reputation

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Mama, just drooled a bit...

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