I Has A Hotdog


Take A Whiff!

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I Was Hoping I Wouldn't Have to Use It

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Take it Easy on the Gooshy Foods Cat

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It's so Smelly!

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Yoo Bin In Teh Garbij Agen Habbint Yoo Big Guy?

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And Snausages

puppy cute breath snausages - 7507849216
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Wrong End...

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Holy crap,

bad breath breath cat ew smelly stinky whatbreed - 5801888000
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Take the hint.

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My inner monologue...

bad breath best of the week breath Hall of Fame mastiff mixed breed pit bull pitbull stinky - 5409764096
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oh man!

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my breath

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Goggie Gif: Ur Bref is so Tastee

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