I Has A Hotdog


The Odds are Odd

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What, No Bacon?

funny dogs image What, No Bacon?
Via Ragnr

Human Better Have My Breakkie

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By naiveprophet

The Cat Won't Help Me Anymore

before breakfast confused poodle puzzle question upset why - 4606220288
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Bacon and Biscuits is a Morning Routine

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It Allows You to Sleep Longer

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By C4rootbeer (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

A Confession From the Dog

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Ya know, you really should cut back...

hungry breakfast feed me what breed stupid - 6773532928
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Breakfast in Bed

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Maple Bacon

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Some days,

best of the week breakfast exhausted Hall of Fame table terrier tired whatbreed - 5806211840
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Are You Sure

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