I Has A Hotdog


Calm Down, Pup. You are Doing Me an Annoy.

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Bork Shaming is Not Okay

bork shaming is not okay
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Free Pony Rides

borked kitten nap - 6303219200
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Need A Tune Up

borked broken go gotta lab labrador left pun see stuck tongue turn wont - 4840721408
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You think you

accident bad borked cast german shepherd injury leg think you - 4802965760
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Brokn railcat

borked broken cat home lazy monorail cat ride whatbreed - 4769306112
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Do U know

borked broke french bulldogs good mechanic puppy question upside down - 4743388416
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Still smilin'!

anatolian shepherd borked comparison even happy humans mixed breed more people when - 4729367552
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Oh this?

borked broken bulldog cast excuse explanation injury leg reason skiing snow this - 4625195520
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borked broken Hall of Fame love mixed breed squeaky toy toy unconditional love whatbreed - 4463029760
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beagle borked cast cute leg puppy puppy eyes rescued themed goggie week - 4366200832
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accident bad dog borked caught door excuse german shepherd Hall of Fame oops pretending sorry - 4236915200
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Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: I haz a boo boo. Kiss it plz?

borked broken cast cute cyoot puppeh ob teh day labrador leg puppy Sad - 4227582208
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