I Has A Hotdog

bad breath

Uncomforatble Social Situations: The Dog Edition

dachshund gross bad breath Party - 8475453696
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Mooove Your Face in Another Direction!

bad breath cows - 8200595968
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Puppy Breath

bad breath cat friends grass kitten puppy - 6494464512
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bad breath boston terrier breath cat smell stinky - 5810260992
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Holy crap,

bad breath breath cat ew smelly stinky whatbreed - 5801888000
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Take the hint.

bad breath breath gross stinky teeth toothpaste whatbreed - 4605938176
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My inner monologue...

bad breath best of the week breath Hall of Fame mastiff mixed breed pit bull pitbull stinky - 5409764096
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oh man!

bad breath breath happy dog human pug silly dog smiles - 5144307200
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