I Has A Hotdog


pug attack statue boxer Video - 77783041

He Doesn't Blink! It's Not Natural!

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attack slippers Video - 77782785

Get Those Impostors Out Of Here!

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Sweet Dreams

toes revenge attack chihuahua - 8478301952
See all captions By KittehKombat

Kill The Vacuum!

gifs attack kill vacuum - 8478421760
By ani.s4 (Via www.youtube.com)

A Tale of Madness

animals attack bite Cats - 8476573440
See all captions By BestCaptionz
pug vs attack statue confused Video i have no idea what im doing yorkshire terrier - 70180609

Nao the Pug Goes Paw to Paw with a Statue (Achoo!)

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Dude, Don't Watch! Why Are You Crouching Like That?

attack border collie outdoors poop yard - 1788032768
See all captions By gsdpics

Boxed Doom

gifs box attack Cats - 8443334400
By ani.s4 (Via www.youtube.com)

I'm Crazy Man!

animals ankle attack chihuahua - 8436076800
See all captions By hippydippy

From Calm to Chaos in 3 Seconds

chaos attack calm - 8425817856
Via corbantd

That Leaf Never Saw it Coming

attack puppy squee - 8356249600
See all captions By JimPrice

Corgi Legs Are Optimized for Hover Strikes

hoverdog attack ball corgi - 8342379776
See all captions By Unknown
toys attack sharks funny Video - 63001857

This Dog Ain't Afraid of No Flying Shark!

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This is My Spinning Attack

gif attack - 7722263040
By Unknown

We Have No Idea What He's Doing

water attack corgi funny - 7734716160
Via Scampthecorgi
shadow attack funny Video - 52531201

Dog Attacks His Own Shadow

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