I Has A Hotdog


I need more Patron Homie!

animals alcohol - 8489120000
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Spot's Bachelor Party the morning after

alcohol basset hound beer drink Party passed out - 2590634752
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Sotally Tober

alcohol drinking drunk huskie husky - 6939172352
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Wer mai brella at?

alcohol cocktail collie drink summer sunglasses umbrella - 6249427968
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Tonight, too many coloured drinks

alcohol best of the week caption clothes clothing drinking drunk facebook lei Party party time pug pugs - 5910461696
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Candy may be dandy

alcohol candy drinking drunk liquor pug silly tongue tongue out - 5769083904
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Why, yez.

alcohol chair drinking shiba inu sitting table whatbreed wine - 5772986624
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Aiz has a fake ID!!!

alcohol awesome bar booze drink drinking happy id party time smiling - 5657671424
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alcohol drink drinking pug sunglasses - 5622954496
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alcohol asleep drunk passed out whatbreed wine - 5620818176
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Ugh. My head is POUNDING.

alcohol christmas christmas tree drinking drunk hangover pug tree - 5590149632
Via the frogman


alcohol cocktail drink drinking jack russell terrier - 5536808960
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I has da

alcohol best of the week boston terrier drinking Hall of Fame happy thanksgiving thanksgiving Turkey wine - 5468211968
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I ned

alcohol beer bulldog id sunglasses - 5431695616
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iz beena long week

alcohol beer booze drink drinking whatbreed - 4443798528
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In dog beers...

alcohol beer cross eyed derp drinking drunk silly dog tongue tongue out - 5323765504
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