I Has A Hotdog


This Is the Life!

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Hey Good Lookin', Come Here Often?

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Gotta Sweeten My Breath!

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Let This Dog Brighten Your Day When He Gives a Kiss to His Adopted Kitten

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It Has Bits of Real Beef in it

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Stop Torturing Me!

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I Forgot How to Lick

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There is no De-Fence!

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Why I Hate Goodbyes

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Give a Smooch to This Pooch

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Sometimes Kisses Are Too Hard to Resist

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Puppy Love

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Well, of Course You Have to Kiss Him Back! Duh

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Smooches, Babycakes!

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You May Kiss the Royal Paw

KISS bachelor - 7186350592
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Kittehs R Owr Friends: Boop Wiff Care!

tiny boop KISS kitten kittehs r owr friends what breed Cats - 7058451712
By Unknown
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