Animal Comedy


What Would Spock Think?

cat I Can Has Cheezburger i-have-no-idea-whats-going-on push water watermelon what wtf - 5152250880
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Think About That Before You Poop in My Shoes Again

animals bad baths i has a hotdog punishment Sad water - 5208665600
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Pandoregon Trail

animals I Can Has Cheezburger nervous panda bears panda riding toys water - 5189483008
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I Can't Fight the Rhythm

animals dancing falling i has a hotdog poses water wtf - 5234471168
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And Thus the "Water-Dish-Heimlich-Maneuver-Doodad-Thingy" Was Born!

animals Cats comfort is relative I Can Has Cheezburger water wtf - 5106201088
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Cool Story, Broseidon

bros ocean photoshopped water - 5184987136
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I Got That Cat a Bubble Bath. Cats Love Bubble Baths!

animals bathing baths bubbles Cats corner do not want I Can Has Cheezburger no nope water - 5182641408
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My Garden Is Already Flourishing!

animals historic lols penguins water wtf - 5139576320
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Hurricane Lessons Learned the Hard Way

animals Cats I Can Has Cheezburger water - 5137224704
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caption contest suits technology water wtf - 5134297344
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accident cars water - 5119399168
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It's Funny Because Rihanna Always Sounds Like She Has a Frog in Her Throat!

animals frogs I Can Has Cheezburger lyrics rain rihanna Songs umbrella water - 5082133248
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My Husband Has a Hard Time Expressing His Love For Me

historic lols mean trains water wtf - 5068663040
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I Can Tell She's in Heaven Because of Her Halo

fat jokes lake look alikes mom mountains water your mom - 5040724480
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More Like Floatin' and Quackin'

ducks floating haters quacking water - 6263307264
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Savannah Soup

hippo leaves recipe savannah soup swamp water - 5972671744
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