Animal Comedy


You've Got To Be Kidding Me

funny animal image goat stuck in trash can
Via MemeW

Let Me Do My Job and We'll Get Your Nuts Back

crime scene police tape detective stuck squirrels - 7070233344
See all captions By Aidan bryant

Got a Breathing Hole At Least

help options polar bear stuck time traffic cone - 6571187712
See all captions By iriscarden

I Guess This is My Life Now

fence stuck cows short - 7023557888
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cow stuck camouflage - 8425021696
Via themetapicture

Meanwhile in Arizona

stuck cactus bobcat Cats - 8355854848
See all captions By djcat595

Just Act Cool...

cool hanging stuck squirrel upside down - 8342123264
See all captions By NawtyKitty

For Freedom!

freedom jump fence stuck funny horse - 7677431808
By Unknown

Okay, Maybe I Need to Lose a Few

fat fence stuck - 7568739072
See all captions By Unknown

Life Lessons

stuck hedgehog mom - 7163181056
See all captions By ImWoodChuck

Little Signs That it May Be Time to Lose Weight

fat slide stuck hamsters - 7052549888
See all captions By rpatz4eva

A Grizzly Thought

bears stuck teeth thinking wish clothes - 7007930112
See all captions By TuckerBentley

Just Stay Right There, Don't Move. You'll Be Sorry. Eventually.

climbing stuck koalas dead threat - 6995588352
See all captions By Unknown

I'm Gonna Crawl Back There and Demand a Refund

lizards stuck boots walking iguanas - 6986315776
See all captions By PrincessWordplay

I Can Tell You Know Your Donuts

crack donuts rats fat stuck return - 6984233216
See all captions By kenbaker

I Thought We Were Friends?

embarrassed stuck teeth friends koalas eucalyptus - 6959436288
See all captions By mamawalker
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