Animal Comedy


Self Esteem Shark

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By Unknown

Ignore My Grumbling Stomach

shark - 7296108288
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Ferris, the Friendly Shark

shark friendly - 7187796992
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Just When You Thought it Was Safe...

costume jaws shark lizard - 7141520640
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And No Need to Leave a Tip

eating people yum shark food delivery photographer - 6831117312
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Reach In and Check, Will You?

eating people teeth shark someone - 6753361664
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If You Watch "Jaws" Backwards

backwards beach eating jaws Movie shark - 6648278016
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Bring Your Date Too... No, No, No, Three's Never a Crowd with Me

shark catch water come on lying trick trap teeth dentist dolphin - 6585836544
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For More, We Go to Our On-Location Reporter

camera news reporter shark - 6527317760
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You Can Trust Me

captions catch cliff eating hanging hungry let go shark trust - 6517303296
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Well... Just This Once

asking captions cute eat you nervous permission shark shy - 6494810880
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You Seem Less Happy to See Me

happy mouth scary shark smiling teeth - 6267150592
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Now Do the Other Side

ocean scratch shark water - 6288763136
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Gracefulness: Close Enough

Close Enough eagle flying human leaping shark - 6256165120
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Give Me Fish Too?

dolphin fish fun happy jumping pretending shark - 6250760704
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OK, Now I'll Scratch Your Itches

feels good scratching shark spot teeth - 6086953472
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