Animal Comedy


Should Have Gone With Truth

parrot cat sleeping scary dangerous - 6614129152
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Talk About Scary

spider bad scary eyes ugly - 6589351168
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Horror Stories

cows cheeseburger cheezburger scary - 6584772352
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Hope You Stocked Up on Health Potions

boss captions fish mouth scary video games - 6566413312
By GalderGollum

Cleanliness is Overrated

scary spider toilet paper - 6567695104
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What Are You Gonna Do About It?

bed creepy eggs mine scary spider tarantula - 6489265664
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Go On, Pet My Nose

angry bite captions creepy hands horse horses scary threat threats treats - 6545017088
By ShmedB (Via Cheezburger iOS Builder)

He Lost Because of an "Apples" Accident

acting alien audition E.T horse scary - 6528204288
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I Smell a Double Standard

adorable bed cute fuzzy scary small spider squee tarantula - 6488340992
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Little Miss Muffet: The Alternate Ending

nursery rhyme pooped scared scary spider tarantula - 6483813632
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That's OK, Bro. You Can Keep Them.

aligator captions Deal With It scary sunglasses wearing - 6483589888
By Spatattack

Cannot Be Unseen

back away Cannot Be Unseen I see what you did there scary seal shocked - 6464009984
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You Do Not Want to Lose

bear dangerous do not want eyes covered game hide and seek lose scary stump - 6465965312
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Still Punny Even When Distressed

bear licking nervous pun scary - 6408936704
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But We Can be Friends

comforting hug its-okay polar bear scary scream wolf - 6411337984
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Are You Sure He's Trained to Do This?

captions fist gorilla painful scary - 6394333440
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