Animal Comedy


I wake up in the mornin Feelin' like P diddy

cat I Can Has Cheezburger Music rapper rappers sunglasses - 5319334400
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This One Is Too Big, That One Is Too Small... Where Is the "Just Right"?

at first i was like but then clothing gross lil wayne rappers roflrazzi - 5278456320
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Alphabet Droop

alphabet dumb fashion lil wayne rappers roflrazzi stupid - 5204728320
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Element 67 Was Offended But Could Not Argue When Presented With the Evidence

animals Cats elements I Can Has Cheezburger rappers science - 5100579072
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At First I Was Like "O, Lawd"...

lil wayne lol musicians rappers rick ross roflrazzi - 5108609536
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Kanye West and Jay-Zoolander

driving Jay Z kanye west musicians rappers roflrazzi - 5096419328
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More Like Plastic Surgerpes

gross musicians nicki minaj rappers roflrazzi - 5083651072
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Gimme Dem Cakes!

dat ass lil wayne musicians rappers rick ross roflrazzi - 5078609152
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