Animal Comedy



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You Sexy Beast!

newt gingrich political politics Pundit Kitchen republican - 5302939648
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Listen Very Carefully Everyone

best of the week delicious food Hall of Fame hungry Michele Bachmann political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5131238656
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Brony 4 Lyfe

barack obama my little pony political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5303146240
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CAN'T TELL IF TROLLING... or just Republican

political politics Pundit Kitchen republican troll trolling - 5227700736
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"Labyrinth" For Real?

politics Pundit Kitchen quotes riot gear riots - 5156737024
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So Much for Elephants and Their Amazing Memories

barack obama economy multipanel politicians politics Pundit Kitchen Republicans the office - 5200348416
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Oh, He's Definitely Gonna Sit on You Now

Meme of an elephant about to sit on a car with the captions saying that we are Democrats, with the joke being that elephants mush be Republicans
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Scumbag London Rioters

business FAIL government London politics Pundit Kitchen riots scumbag - 5069634048
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But He Cried the Whole Time!

jon stewart political pictures politics Pundit Kitchen Songs - 5059833088
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Take Us Out for a Nice Dinner?

Cats I Can Has Cheezburger politics sex shocked - 5039081728
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Poor Canada...

Canada political politics Pundit Kitchen - 5387268352
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