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Freedom is Sexy

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Some Pickup Lines Work for ANY Species

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Frogs Have the Best Pickup Lines

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Bad Pick-Up Line Owl is Interested in You

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It's a Win-Win Situation

best of the week frog frogs hallucination handsome KISS pickup lines prince the frog prince - 6164942080
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My Tank or Yours?

best of the week Hall of Fame hey baby lamp lizard pickup lines posing suavé turn on - 6035046144
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A Lady Can't Say No to That!

animals flirting I Can Has Cheezburger lizards pickup lines sexy - 5204862464
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No, Gracias, Gatito!

alcohol animals Cats drinking I Can Has Cheezburger pickup lines sombrero tequila - 5113452544
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I'm Flattered, Kitty, But I'm Taken

animals butt Cats I Can Has Cheezburger pickup lines rude yelling - 5050597376
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