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4 TikTok videos about two rescued elderly doggos meeting and living with each other | Thumbnail includes screenshots from a TikTok video of two dogs meeting for the first time 'Bringing home our new 7 year old rescue, to our 10 year old boy, so they can be a retirement couple together'

Weekly Dose Of Doggo Delight: Hoomans Bring Home Rescued Older Dog So She Can Retire With Their Other Older Dog

Retirement doesn't seem to bad now
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Turtles are my Spirit Animals

old diet turtles funny - 8200198144
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It's What We're Known For

old puns bees funny - 8162607360
Via Pleated Jeans

You Don't Look a Day Over a Thousand...

old birthdays tortoise - 8123590144
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I Haven't Worn it Since the 90s!

90s birds hoodie funny old - 7919355392
By Unknown

Should Work fine

old plane funny frog flies - 7634765312
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With Great Age Comes Great Wisdom

old text book lizard funny - 7457043968
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You Grumpy Old Bird

old get off my lawn grumpy - 7430654464
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Trust Me, I've Heard Them All

old monkeys insults - 7010988544
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He's a Little Slow With the Internet Memes

old turtles yelling behind slow - 6732472064
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Parroting the Classics

old parrots my people need me i must go lucky - 6754649856
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So I Certainly Ain't Buyin' 'Em Now!

old turtle dentures - 6623275520
See all captions By Tony

Great, Now I'm More Tired Than Before the Weekend

bear old tired weekend - 6558486016
See all captions By Sandy_Sunball

Far as the Eye Could See

old remember stories turtle - 6561358848
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Aren't You Tired of That Joke Yet?

chickens football foul game joke old playing pun soccer tired - 6446680832
See all captions By Desilee

Don't Make Me Come Over There!

angry don't make me come over t get off my lawn gopher kids old yard - 6447843328
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad
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