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5 TikToks of dogs that are obsessed with their dads | Thumbnail includes a pitbull laying on his dad, a brown rescue dog hugging his dad, and a puppy retriever 'My dog, who I rescued with my bare hands from starvation and neglect, to my husband who didn't even want another dog....And now they are soulmates and do everything together. My dog to his dad who does the absolute bare minimum. ‚úĒTikTok @louiethecream Louie forever bonding with his dad as he takes him down his first escalator ride'

Codependent TikTok Doggos Declare Their Love For Men

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When One Horse Power Meant a Lot More...

men funny horses work - 8025233664
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Don't Fence Me In, Eh?

Canada men funny mouse - 7631877632
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Not Only Am I the President, I'm Also a Client!

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Even Sloths Need Some Fun

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That Feel, Bro

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Delusional Even When Unconscious

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Do we have a big enough aquarium at home to keep both of them?

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Turning Tables

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Captain All-American Beefcake

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Feel the Breeze

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The Postman Always Knocks Twice

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