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Take You're Time on That Eye Liner...I've Got All Day

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I Need My Beauty Sleep

makeup sloths beauty funny - 8058261248
By Unknown

I Can Bearly Tell Who You Are Anymore!

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The Costs of Beauty

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I Have No Choice in the Matter

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The Rest Looks Completely Natural...

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These Puns Are Beating a Dead... Wait.

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By Unknown

Her Majesty Seems a Bit Crabby

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Especially in Your... Extreme Case

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Knew Her Stuff

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Gentlemen, Contain Yourselves

girls gross makeup no women wtf - 5688277760
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Ai Habs Eberyfing 2 Maek U Byootiful!

avon cat hat I Can Has Cheezburger makeup - 5618105856
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It's just a flesh wound

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You Two are Clearly Springs

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Really? This Happens?!

logic makeup - 5352704256
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Why Does Nobody Love Me?

annoying facebook girl cat facebook I Can Has Cheezburger makeup Sad text it - 5224035072
By Unknown
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