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11 reddit text images, woman tells woman to leash her dog | thumbnail blue background text "I was sitting on the benches enjoying the sun, when the dog races up to another child who screams for their mom to pick them up. Dog lady comes up after the dog, apologizing and saying 'he just loooooooves kids so much!' I usually don't say anything because not my circus, not my monkey. I was in an off mood today tho, so I snap 'You need to socialize your f*cking dog, or leash it

Dog Owning Karen Takes Dog For A Stroll In The Park Off Leash, Thoughtful Bystander Interjects

Come onnn
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Well You Can't Expect it to Walk Around Barefoot!

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Why Can't Human Children Come with These?

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And You Have to Admit the Dog Looked an Awful Lot Like a Rat

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