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A TikTok video and 18  funny comments about a woman who ate the last slice of cheese and her mom made her apologise to their dog because it was meant for her | Thumbnail includes two screenshots of a curly haired woman holding her aussie dog

Mom Demands Daughter To Apologize To The Family Doggo For Eating The Last Slice Of Cheese

Top notch parenting right here
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We Showed Them

cat parrot never last relationship hug They Said - 6623210496
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But It's On the List

caffeine drinking hyper last soda squirrel - 6551879680
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I Happen to Like My Ass

army ass donkey gun last pun - 6479852288
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Run, Run, Run as Fast as You Can

big cats Cats caught cub eaten gingerbread man last leopards safari snow leopard - 6129374720
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Animal Capshunz: I Always Spill On Myself When I Wear White

bad day best of the week clean Hall of Fame last Owl owls Sad shirt shirts work - 6075473152
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